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4 Types of Roof Damage to Never Overlook

Your roof is an essential part of your home, and your responsibility is to keep it in the best possible condition. Your roof acts as your home’s first line of defense against nature and the things it regularly throws against your roof. Most roofing materials are built to last, but like all things under the sun, they’ll inevitably suffer from damage. 

When that time comes, you’ll need the help of professional roof repair contractors in West Hartford, CT, to remedy the situation. Depending on their diagnosis of your roof, it’ll either need repair or a complete roof replacement. To help you remain vigilant, below are the four most sinister types of roofing damages that you can never afford to overlook.

1. Missing Shingles

Your roof’s shingles are constantly exposed to the harshness of nature. Eventually, it’ll suffer from disrepair, and you’ll need the help of roof repair contractors in West Hartford, CT, to take care of them. And while cracking and broken shingles are pretty common, missing shingles are not, and it should alarm you. Your roofing shingles may be durable, but they can be dislodged, especially during strong windy days, storms, or hurricanes. 

Once you notice missing shingles on your roof, seek the help of a reputable roofing company immediately, or else your home will suffer from leaks and high indoor temperatures.

2. Roof Punctures

We all know West Hartford, CT, is sometimes subject to occasional storms and hurricanes. Such inclement weather phenomena come with strong winds that are powerful enough to carry debris and overhanging tree branches. These things can land on your roof and puncture it, which can cause some serious trouble for your home. Roof punctures also happen due to foot traffic, especially when people walk on your roof more than necessary. We’re talking about painters, HVAC contractors, and your home’s occupants.

3. Roof Blisters

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For those who don’t know, a roof blister is a type of roof damage that happens when high temperatures cause pockets of moisture in your shingles to expand, hence the term blisters. While the sun’s scorching heat usually causes roof blisters, they can also occur if your roof has poor ventilation. If you start noticing some of your shingles with blisters, don’t dally; contact local roof repair contractors in West Hartford, CT, as soon as possible. If left unchecked, even the smallest blisters can rapidly grow. Worse, one large blister on a single shingle may spread to other shingles. Once they rupture, they can cause leaks.

4. Loose or Corroded Roof Flashing

The flashing is arguably one of your roof’s most critical layers of protection. Flashings are the thin metal sheets installed under the shingles. Roof repair contractors in West Hartford, CT, also use flashings to protect the gaps between your roof’s architectural features, such as chimneys and skylights, to name a few. Over time, heat and moisture will corrode your roof’s flashing. And when that happens, it will not function properly, resulting in water flowing in places it shouldn’t be. If taken for granted, loose or corroded roof flashing can lead to water infiltration and expensive interior damage to your home.

Why Should You Deal With a Bad Roof Immediately?

Let’s admit it; we often disregard our roof’s health to save money. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, right?

Unfortunately, overlooking even the smallest of roof damages may lead to costly repairs in the future, including chimney repairs. Taking your roof for granted means allowing the existing roof damage to fester, which it will! They’ll worsen over time until you’re forced to contact local roof repair contractors in West Hartford, CT, to fix them for you.

If you want to truly save money, the best action is to take preventative measures to protect your roof. Seek the help of professional roofer peabody ma or roof repair contractors in West Hartford, CT, and have them inspect your roof damages at least twice a year. Doing so will allow you to spot roofing damages that can worsen in the future. With this knowledge, you can eliminate the roofing problem as soon as it arises, preventing any costly repairs in the future.

Roof Repairs in West Hartford, CT, Done Right

Roof Repairs in West Hartford, CT, Done Right​

You may be tempted to repair your roof yourself, but experts suggest you don’t because doing so may tamper with your roof’s existing warranties. Not to mention any mistakes that can worsen your roof’s existing damages. Instead, seek the help of professional roof repair contractors in West Hartford, CT, like the Roofing Contractor of West Hartford. We’re experts in all things roofing and can provide you with the best roofing solutions. Contact us today to get started with your free quote!