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Does your commercial roof need fixing? Is there an absurd amount of water pooling on your flat top? Have you seen damage on your flashings and pitch fans? 

Commercial roofing problems are unavoidable. However, these issues will worsen if you take them for granted, eventually leading to costly repairs and time wasted outside of your business. Your customers will even have a wrong impression of your business because it will look as if you’re not putting any effort into making your business presentable to the public. 

If your commercial roof has a similar problem, you need an expert in commercial and residential Roofing in West Hartford, CT. Luckily for you, we’re here to help. We are the Roofing Company, the best roofing company in West Hartford, CT. We provide affordable solutions to every business owner who has specialized roofing needs. Get started by contacting us immediately and get your free roofing estimate.

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Common Problems in Commercial Roofing in West Hartford, CT

Business owners are bound to encounter commercial roofing problems at some point; it’s inevitable! Some issues will present themselves in the form of leaves clogged on your drains, materials blown off by strong winds, or holes created from thermal expansion. Failure to recognize these problems will worsen the situation over time and incur costly repair fees, which could’ve been easily avoided if you had a roofing company in West Hartford, CT, to inspect it.

Below are some of the most common problems with commercial roofing.

Lack of Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is one of the easiest ways to ensure your roof is in good shape. Even if no significant incident happens (e.g., a tree branch falling on your roof and puncturing it), it’s essential to keep up with a regular inspection to detect problems ahead of time and avoid massive damages in the future.

Improper Installation

A poorly installed commercial roof is a recipe for disaster. Not only will it trickle down to all kinds of problems later on, but it will also significantly reduce the lifespan of the roofing material. Be sure to let a reputable roofing company in West Hartford, CT handle any commercial roofing installation projects you plan to have.

Poor Selection of Roofing Materials

Choosing suitable roofing materials depending on their use case is critical. Selecting the wrong material is not only counterproductive but will also open up a world of problems for you as a business owner. Therefore, be sure to choose the suitable roofing material for your business to clear up avoidable problems in the future.

Ponding Water

If you see puddles of water on your roof, then best believe that your roof has some issues. It’s not a regular occurrence and could be a sign that something’s wrong – perhaps it’s the clogged gutter or poor roof design. The only way to be sure is to contact a roofing company in West Hartford, CT, for an inspection.


Strong winds can result in a blow-off. If your roof is poorly installed and isn’t securely attached to the substrate, the single-ply roofs are bound to be blown off. This is one of the primary reasons why any business owner must entrust their roofs to dedicated commercial roofing contractors.

Damaged Flashing and Pitch Pans

The flashing acts as a seal to prevent water from entering the cracks of your roof. Water can leak from the roof if they are improperly installed, not securely attached, or received significant damage.


Extreme temperatures have huge effects on roofing materials, especially metal. Metal roofings will either expand or contract depending on the temperature it’s subjected to. Because of the thermal stress, some parts of your metal roof may get damaged, thus creating a leak.


Many things can puncture your roof, including wind, hail, a fallen tree branch, or even the aggressive soles of people walking on your roof. If you suspect your roof has punctures, seek out the help of a reliable roofing company in West Hartford, CT.

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Roofing in West Hartford, CT

If you want to solve your roofing problems quickly and efficiently, getting the right people for the job is crucial. Fixing your roof yourself may sound tempting, but you spend precious time on things other than your business. Plus, you don’t have the necessary knowledge and skills to pull off a nicely done roofing job.

How about hiring a team of amateur roofers? While they claim they can fix your roof at a more affordable price, you won’t have any accountability from them in case they mess up your roof. They’ll cut corners and patch up your roof with band-aid solutions.

The best course of action is to hire a trustworthy roofing contractor like the Roofing Company. But why?

We Are Accountable

Accidents and mistakes are inevitable. While we are dedicated to giving you the highest quality of roofing services possible, we still acknowledge that we’re human and we’re bound to make mistakes. When that time comes, we will accept full responsibility for every error we create and make sure it’s corrected. 

We Are Fast and Efficient

Businesses can’t afford to waste time, and business owners shouldn’t tolerate project delays. For this reason, we ensure that all of our projects are completed quickly and efficiently. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with the quality of our service.

We Are Professionals

We take pride in how professional our team of licensed roofers is. Since all of our roofers are dedicated to their workmanship, you’ll rarely find any slacking worker lounging around your roof during your ongoing project. If you have questions regarding your roof replacement, repair, or installation, best believe that the roofers in charge can answer them confidently.

We Can Help You With Insurance Claims

Unlike most roofing companies, we have enough knowledge to give you an expert opinion about insurance claims. Once you decide to work with us, we’ll work with you throughout your insurance claim process and ensure that it’s 10x less stressful than it usually is. You can count on us to make your roofing insurance claims more bearable.

Commercial Roofing Services in West Hartford, CT

Here at Roofing Company, we believe that all businesses in West Hartford and surrounding areas must have a reliable roofing system that won’t fail. We have been in the roofing business for years and can help business owners with any commercial roofing issues they may have.

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You can count on us to give you the highest quality roofing services West Hartford offers. Regardless of the complexity of your roofing needs, we are confident that we can deal with them swiftly and efficiently. Get in touch with us today and get your free estimate.